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Neal Manegold

I am a Producer who is excited about education technology. I have worked ever...
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Jacob Whitish

I am a entrepreneur who is excited about startups. I have worked everywhere f...
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Oleg Bezorudko-Chyrykalov

I am a Biz Dev guy who is excited about kicking off a startup. I have worked ...
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Brendan Ribera

I am a robot who is excited about coffee. I have worked everywhere from the b...
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Ryan Roemer

I am a developer who is excited about building things. I have worked everywhe...
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Sandi Lin

I am a human who is excited about the power of technology to change the world...
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What the community is saying!

"As a designer, it's definitely difficult sometimes to get my work out there. I'm excited to see Seattle Brewed launch since it'll be an awesome megaphone for people like me in the community.."

- Josh Frost, Design Two Frosty Studios

"There’s so much tech talent here in Seattle that goes unrecognized. I’m glad to see Seattle Brewed showcasing the the members of our community who do the real work as opposed to overhead like me."

- Adam Tratt, CEO Haiku Deck

"Seattle is a city full of 'doers' who love what they do, make great things and push the world forward. It's about time we told their stories and Seattle Brewed is just the kind of grassroots project to do it."

- Robi Ganguly, CEO Apptentive